Agored Cymru Level 2 Award in Exploring Worldviews

Agored Cymru has a new Level 2 award, which focuses on exploring religious and non-religious worldviews. (The Level 1 award will be available shortly.)

This new suite of qualifications entitled Exploring Worldviews has been designed for 14- to 16-year-old learners, and aims to help develop skills, knowledge and experiences important for young people to live and work successfully in a diverse and rapidly changing society. Exploring Worldviews is able to support a flexible learning and teaching approach to statutory Religious Education (and Religion, Values and Ethics), when learners have not opted for GCSE Religious Studies. It is intended to be very different from the GCSE qualifications, which will not be affected by this development.

The Level 2 units now available include:

  • Understanding Worldview
  • Exploring my Worldview
  • Ultimate Questions
  • Medical Ethics
  • Ethics of Sport and Leisure
  • Worldviews in my Community

Along with colleagues from Wrexham and Swansea local authorities, the St Giles’ Centre initiated and was involved in creating this new suite of qualifications in order to help increase options available to Wrexham schools when delivering statutory Religious Education (and Religion, Values and Ethics).

Further information about this qualification is available here.

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