Religious education

Religious education/religion, values and ethics is a valuable part of learners’ education, when it is taught well and supported by high quality resources.

For example, there is no other subject that has the same potential to prepare learners for life in a very diverse world (from both religious and non-religious perspectives). RE/RVE also challenges learners to engage with and interpret human experience, the natural world and their own place within it. It may contribute to the building of emotional and mental resilience because it is concerned with related areas such as purpose and meaning in life, questing, values, identity, belonging, relationships, sources of authority, making decisions, life and death. In addition, RE/RVE has much to offer learners’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We can relate all these examples to local educational needs and priorities here in Wrexham.

Every state-maintained school in Wales is required to provide statutory RE/RVE to their learners, and whatever your setting, RE/RVE should be objective, critical and pluralistic.

This religious education resources section offers free access to high quality, bilingual resources for various age groups, as well as webinars.



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