Core funded by the Wrexham (Parochial) Educational Foundation, the St Giles’ Centre is always concerned with Wrexham County Borough, and working with its teachers and schools in RE/RVE-related matters. We offer national and international subject expertise, bringing it into dialogue with the needs and interests of the local area. Creative partnerships with Wrexham County Borough Council and Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln, help enable and enrich significant aspects of our work.

We recognise that a lot of what we do in Wrexham is of interest also to others in Wales and further afield, so we share as much as we can through this website as well as through engaging directly with relevant groups and organisations in a variety of ways.

Here, you can find out about the dedicated core staff working at the St Giles’ Centre, the background to the St Giles’ Centre, and the physical facilities that root the Centre firmly in Wrexham.


St Giles’ Centre


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