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The St Giles’ Centre is developing a range of professional learning support materials for teachers and schools in Wrexham , which are also freely accessible to any individual or organisation outside the county borough. These support materials are presented in a variety of formats.

Professional Learning support materials currently include:

  • The Professional Learning Series;
  • Example resources for teachers.

The Professional Learning Series

The St Giles’ Centre Professional Learning Series is a collection of professional learning PowerPoints and other resources, which you may use within your own contexts. For schools in the local authority, we can also offer tailored ‘in person’ interactive presentations of the material, either online or face to face. New titles are regularly being developed and will be posted on this page.

Wrexham Agreed Syllabus

Watch a 6-minute video describing how the Wrexham Agreed Syllabus was written (18 June 2022).

Exploring Worldviews: A Stimulus Resource for Religion, Values and Ethics in Wales

This professional learning publication (June 2022, pdf):

  • introduces the concept of ‘worldviews’ from a Curriculum for Wales perspective;
  • reflects on how a ‘worldview’ approach might affect classroom practice in Wales.
Foundational professional learning video on Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) in the Curriculum for Wales

Watch a 45-minute video on ‘RVE and the Curriculum for Wales’. (The video is an adapted version of the online professional learning session on 12 January 2022.)

Note: Select the HD option to watch the video in ‘high definition’.

Developing Spirituality in the County Primary School

This professional learning resource asks:

  • What is spirituality and why is it important?
  • How and why is spiritual development important in the curriculum?
  • In which practical ways can learners be provided with opportunities to develop their spirituality?

Example resources for teachers

Example Medium Term Planning Template for Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE)

The St Giles’ Centre has developed an example medium term planning tool. It has been designed to highlight significant planning considerations for RVE which are intended to support schools in having regard to the Curriculum for Wales RVE guidance and locally agreed syllabi.

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