Professional Learning

The importance of specialist professional learning cannot be over-emphasised. There is now an added sense of urgency with the Curriculum for Wales 2022. Staff at the St Giles’ Centre are closely involved with professional learning initiatives at a national level. This helps to inform professional learning activities being developed by the Centre here in Wrexham.

Professional learning can take place in different contexts, using various media. The St Giles’ Centre is able to offer a range of FREE professional learning opportunities and resources relevant to RE/RVE-related areas for Wrexham teachers and schools.

We are increasing our online provision for all areas of our professional learning work, and some of this can be accessed by individuals and organisations outside the county borough.

Here, you can find out about specialist advisory support, the latest courses, and support material for professional learning being offered by the St Giles’ Centre. There is also a ‘curriculum matters’ section which focuses on providing up-to-date essential information about RE/RVE in the curriculum.

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Advisory support

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Support material

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Curriculum matters

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