National RVE professional learning resources published on Hwb

The first national RVE professional learning resources have been published on the Welsh Government Hwb. They have been created by practitioners in Wales as part of a collaboration between the Welsh Government and the Wales Association of SACREs (WASACRE).

The resources are intended to: ‘support practitioners with the changes to RVE (formerly Religious Education), within the Curriculum for Wales. The modules are specifically tailored and aim to support practitioners. They help with the transition to a new way of thinking, planning and delivering an RVE curriculum that is purposeful for learners in Wales.’

All the resources have been through a rigorous process of quality assurance before being released bilingually on Hwb, so schools and practitioners in Wales can have confidence in their relevance and value.

Included in the first batch of five playlists are:

  • Religion, values and ethics and headteachers
  • Religion, values and ethics and additional learning needs
  • Religion, values and ethics and early years
  • Religion, values and ethics and primary schools
  • Religion, values and ethics and secondary schools
Links to playlists

These resources can be freely accessed via the links below:



Welsh Government Policy Insight Event

Book a place at the online Policy Insight Event on Tuesday 25 April at 2pm, where these resources will be showcased.

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