Supporting planning and progression in Wrexham primary schools: A collaborative RVE project

The St Giles’ Centre is pleased to announce the start of an exciting collaborative RVE project to support teachers’ professional development focussing on planning and progression across Wrexham primary schools. This project is funded and facilitated by the St Giles’ Centre, working in partnership with the St Asaph Diocese.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • develop a collaborative professional learning network for RVE; 
  • develop teachers’ professional understanding of progression within RVE; 
  • work together exploring in detail the Principles of Progression and the RVE Learning Journeys; and
  • explore how learners’ integral skills might develop and progress from early years up to Year 6.

Participating schools include: All Saints’ Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School, Gresford; Gwersyllt County Primary School; St Mary’s Church in Wales Voluntary Aided School, Overton; St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School, Rossett; Wats Dyke County Primary.

We are very grateful to our enthusiastic schools, and hope to be able to share project insights and outcomes more widely later in the year!

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