More learner webinars to support GCSE and A-level Religious Studies!

Learners and teachers in Wrexham now have access to another set of pre-recorded webinar material, led by Dr Greg Barker and provided by the St Giles’ Centre.

In this latest suite of learner resources, the focus is on:

  • GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2 (Part 1 – general issues, part a questions and key terms, sources of wisdom and part b questions. Part 2 – Influence of religion and part c questions. Evaluative d questions);
  • AS-level content and AO1 / AO2 exercises (Otto’s Concept of the Numinous, Stirner’s Ethical Egoism);
  • A2 content and AO1 / AO2 exercises (Ayer’s Criticisms of Religious Language, Finnis’s Views of Natural Law);
  • AS / A2 AO1 and AO2 assessment qualities overview.

All these materials are in response to the live teacher webinars hosted by the St Giles’ Centre in February 2021 and are available until 30 September 2021.

Find out more about our learner webinars series here.

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