Why RE (RVE) is relevant throughout our lives: new webinar for 14- to 16-year-old learners

Core RE webinar

The St Giles’ Centre is pleased to offer teachers and learners a new thought-provoking webinar designed to promote discussion and subject interest in statutory RE (RVE) lessons. The webinar has been created for the St Giles’ Centre by Dr Greg Barker and is part of a wider resource project to support RE (RVE) and Religious Studies at key stages 4 and 5.

This latest pre-recorded webinar resource shows how learning about religion, beliefs and values and a variety of ethical theories can be really valuable to learners throughout their lives, whatever path they follow. Therefore, RE lessons (which in the future will be called Religion, Values and Ethics lessons) are not only promoted as vital, but also interesting and worthwhile.

Watch a short 8-minute excerpt of this resource on our webinar page. Wrexham teachers can contact us for the link to the full-length video (28 minutes).

English (UK)