What’s happening in Europe?

In the December issue of the ICCS* and IV newsletter (published today), you can read about the latest European developments relevant to religious education, and Church and School.

Some of the short news articles include:

  • A report on the Klingenthal conference about using storytelling to communicate why religion in education matters;
  • An initiative to develop common Christian RE in Lower-Saxony, Germany (Catholic-Protestant co-operation);
  • A European research project on Covid-19 and RE;
  • A project to assess educational programmes against intolerance and discrimination.

The newsletter can be accessed here.

* The Intereuropean Commission on Church and School (ICCS) is a network, created in 1958, which aims to provide a framework for cooperation in monitoring and developing church and school issues in Europe. It brings together representatives and experts from research, practice and policy working on religion and education.

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