Wrexham Agreed Syllabus Conference discusses statutory RVE guidance and plans for new locally agreed syllabus

On Thursday 13 January, Wrexham Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC) convened its first meeting to plan for a new locally agreed syllabus for Religion, values and ethics.

Coming just days after the publication of the new statutory Religion, values and ethics guidance on Hwb (10 January), members had the opportunity to discuss the guidance in depth and to set up a working group to take the work of the ASC forward.

The ASC working group has already held its first meeting and another is planned for early February. It is hoped that the new agreed syllabus for Wrexham schools and settings will be completed this spring term, in time for the summer.

If you have any questions about the ASC or agreed syllabus, you can contact Libby Jones, who is RE/RVE advisor for Wrexham local authority.

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