National professional learning for Religion, values and ethics (RVE)

St Giles’ Centre staff are very pleased to be part of the Wales Association of SACREs’ project team overseeing the development of national online professional learning resources for Religion, values and ethics (RVE) in the Curriculum for Wales. Expert practitioners selected from schools across Wales have been given the task of shaping and writing the resources that will be most useful to schools and settings as they prepare for curriculum roll out.

This national professional learning project is made possible through a partnership between the Wales Association of SACREs (WASACRE) and the Welsh Government, which has released government funding for the creation of a range of professional learning resources for RVE. When completed, the bilingual resources will sit on Hwb.

Staff at the St Giles’ Centre have played a key role supporting Welsh Government in the development of the statutory Religion, values and ethics (RVE) guidance, and are delighted to share their expertise and experience in this exciting project.

It is hoped that the resources will be available on Hwb in April 2022. We will keep schools and settings in Wrexham updated!

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