Welsh Government Policy Insight Event for RVE: Professional Learning update

The Welsh Government has been holding online ‘Policy Insight Events’ to keep stakeholders up to date with professional learning developments for the Curriculum for Wales.

Staff at the St Giles’ Centre are pleased to be part of the Policy Insight Event for Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE). You can register for the Event now and circulate the details to anyone who may be interested to learn more about the national professional learning opportunities for RVE.

The following details have been published on Hwb:

26 April: 2 to 3 pm (Tuesday)
Policy Insight: Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) Professional Learning Resources for the Curriculum for Wales
The statutory Religion, values and ethics guidance was published on Hwb in January 2022. The Welsh Government has been working in partnership with the Wales Association of SACREs (WASACRE) to create a suite of national online Professional Learning resources to support practitioners and settings in their design and delivery of Religion, values and ethics within the Curriculum for Wales. A team of specialist practitioners drawn from schools across Wales are creating these resources. This event will provide an opportunity to learn more about the development of these resources and to view what is being made available online.

The online registration form is available here.

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