Supporting non-statutory guidance published for Catholic schools in Wales

The St Giles’ Centre welcomes the publication of the document Curriculum for Wales: supporting non-statutory guidance for Catholic schools, which relates to statutory Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE). Also included in the document is guidance on ‘Relationships and Sexuality Education’ (RSE).

The aim of the document is to provide headteachers, governors, staff, parents and clergy ‘additional non-statutory guidance to Catholic schools on using Curriculum for Wales to design a curriculum which reflects their Catholic faith and values. It builds on the Curriculum for Wales guidance, providing contextual support for Catholic schools. It is not intended to duplicate or differ in principle from that guidance.’ (Page 3)

In addition to this development, a new version of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory is currently being written, which will ‘take into account all the statutory requirements for Welsh schools.’ (Page 6)

Within the context of Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE), it is recognised that:
‘We live in a society containing a range of religious and non-religious worldviews and these need to be studied to prepare our young people for life in Wales, the United Kingdom, and the wider world. This learning needs to be underpinned by mutual respect of everyone and tolerance of alternate views. Learning about religions and worldviews other than Catholicism is thus the result of deep respect for the human dignity of the persons that hold these views.’ (Page 6)

You can read the new guidance document in Welsh and English here (scroll down to the bottom of the web page).

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