Limited edition Randalph the Wise resources for RVE given to Wrexham primary schools

Randalph the Wise poster English

On 22 November, the RVE Advisor for Wrexham Local Authority, Libby Jones, gave a presentation at the Headteachers’ Briefing meeting for Wrexham local authority’s primary and secondary schools.

During the presentation, Libby provided headteachers with key messages about:
• RVE in the Curriculum for Wales;
• the Wrexham Agreed Syllabus for RVE;
• professional learning at national and local level;
• the new Agored Cymru Exploring Worldviews qualification for 14-16 year olds;
• and supporting curriculum resources.

As part of these supporting curriculum resources, special ‘limited edition’ hard copies of the storybook series, Randalph’s Spiritual Quest and Search for Meaning were distributed to the primary headteachers to take back to their schools with a poster for their staff rooms. Later in the year, a new Wrexham storybook in the series will be published.

Both the limited edition and the forthcoming Wrexham storybook edition have been developed and sponsored by the St Giles’ Centre.

This free bilingual online series was originally sponsored by the Welsh Government to support RVE in the Curriculum for Wales. Drawing on an integrated approach to RVE within the Humanities Area, the series includes:
• 6 storybooks;
• films;
• music;
• a guide for teachers (revised in November 2022).

Although written for primary learners, the series would also work well as a transition resource.

The series can be accessed through the Welsh Government Hwb, the St Giles’ Centre website or directly from the Randalph the Wise website. You can download the posters here:

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