Example Medium Term Planning Template for Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE)

Careful medium term planning for RVE is vital to ensure that the approach of the Curriculum for Wales is embedded appropriately across the curriculum.

For this reason, the St Giles’ Centre has developed an example medium term planning tool. It has been designed to highlight significant planning considerations for RVE which are intended to support schools in having regard to the Curriculum for Wales RVE guidance and locally agreed syllabi.

This example can be edited so that users can adapt it to meet the individual needs of their school or setting. The St Giles’ Centre welcomes feedback on the usefulness of this example and would also welcome receiving other examples that schools are using as they prepare for Curriculum for Wales roll out.

If you have any questions about how this example could be used in practice, please contact us.

Welsh and English versions of the template can be downloaded below. They are also available on our Support Material page.

English (UK)