A new integrated GCSE in Humanities a possibility for Wales

The curriculum in Wales is changing which means that qualifications will need to change too in order to ensure they are fit for purpose.

From now until 9 April, Qualifications Wales is consulting on:

  • the GCSE subjects that should be available in the future;
  • the other made-for-Wales qualifications that should also be available.

The consultation is now live on the Qualifications Wales website and the proposals for the future range of GCSEs to be offered, including religious studies and others in the Humanities AoLE, can be accessed here:

Qualifications Wales / Qualified for the future – have your say

Section 3 of the consultation covers the Humanities proposals (starting on page 22) in which religious studies is placed.

Proposals at a glance

To shape the range of qualifications for Humanities, Qualifications Wales proposes to:

  1. Review and reform GCSEs in Business, Geography, History and Religious Studies.
  2. If feasible, create a new GCSE in Social Studies.
  3. If feasible, create a new integrated GCSE in Humanities.

The St Giles’ Centre encourages both you and your learners to have a say in this important consultation so that as many responses as possible are received by Qualifications Wales, in order to inform decision making on this crucial aspect of education, which directly impacts religious studies.

If you have any questions regarding this consultation or wish to discuss elements of the Humanities proposals with staff at the St Giles’ Centre, please get in touch.

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