Explore six different churches and chapels in Wales with Aled and Siân

The St Giles’ Centre is pleased to see a revised 2nd edition (online) of Exploring Christian Special Places available on Hwb.

In the bilingual Foundation Phase series, Aled and Siân explore six very different churches and chapels in Wales and learn about the Christian year, Christian life, and Christian service. The series includes a story book, pictures, and a teachers’ handbook for each title:

  • Baptism Service
  • The Big Chapel
  • Easter Family Service
  • Harvest Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Crib Service
  • Wedding Service

Originally published in 2003, Exploring Christian Special Places was the beginning of the Welsh Government sponsored Aled and Siân series. The St Giles’ Centre has been part of the development of two later Aled and Siân series also for the Foundation Phase – Exploring Why (2016) and Exploring Our World (2016). In Exploring Why and Exploring Our World, Aled and Siân explore the world around them with their friends from a variety of faith traditions in Wales, including Hindu, Jewish, Muslim as well as Christian. This month, with the publication of Exploring Christian Special Places, all the Aled and Siân resources are now available for free online.

Exploring Christian Special Places
Exploring Why
Exploring Our World

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